We demand from the Ministry of Environmental Protection to immediately remove from its Facebook account the statement of Minister Goran Trivan by which the Minister greatly abused the ministry and his public function for political purposes:

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Minister Trivan, who did not spoke out in situations when regulations in the field of environmental protection were ashamedly violated in favor of private interests, found it appropriate to conduct political negotiations through the official Facebook page of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and recommend himself and his party to the ruling majority.

In that way, Minister Trivan greatly violated the principle of expertise, impartiality and political neutrality, established by the Law on State Administration, and abused his public function, as well as the Ministry itself for its own party interests. In this way, Minister Trivan abused his official position, thus violating the Law on the Anti-Corruption Agency.

RERI denounces this inappropriate act of Minister Trivan and demands from the Ministry to remove the statement, and from the Minister to apologize to the citizens of Serbia. We demand from the Anti-Corruption Agency, ex officio, to initiate a procedure and impose a measure for violating the law.

Full announcement of the Ministry of Environmental Protection from 12 of July is available here.

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