RERI utilizes available legal mechanisms with the aim of both determining illegalities, caused by the activities of operators and other legal entities which are in violation of the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia, and challenge illegal administrative acts adopted by national institutions and local governments.

In relation to the aforementioned, we initiate extraordinary inspection surveillance procedures related to the work of legal entities – companies which conduct their business and operations in the Republic of Serbia. Furthermore, RERI also initiates procedures against illegal administrative acts: appeals against first-instance administrative acts, as well as requests for the annulment of final administrative acts – construction and operational permits, issued for individual facilities, all with the aim of eliminating every and any administrative act in violation of the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia from the domestic legal framework.

Consequentially, RERI initiates administrative procedures with the aim of determining the legality of final administrative acts.

The lawyers of RERI initiate civil proceedings against responsible individuals and legal entities in the area of human rights violations, especially the rights to life, property and a healthy environment. We lead procedures in damage compensation, as well as in eliminating the risk of damage occurrence. Both arise as consequences of the violation of the positive regulation of the Republic of Serbia, and especially of the relevant laws and bylaws related to environmental protection.

Our lawyers represent imperiled citizens in expropriation procedures, where they provide legal and professional support in the complex procedures of determining the compensation amount of expropriated property.

In accordance with the analysis of relevant documents and the weight of the determined illegalities, RERI initiates criminal proceedings, misdemeanor procedures, commercial offences, as well as criminal charges against legal entities – companies and responsible individuals – thereby taking on an active role in monitoring and participating in – to the extent permitted by the law – the previously mentioned procedures. Up to now, RERI had particular focus on criminal liability procedures of legal entities – companies that are polluters in cases of environmental crimes. This is an area in which RERI has greatly contributed to the development of judicial practice, which had previously been virtually non-existent for the duration of the implementation of the Law on the Liability of Legal Entities for Criminal Offences adopted in 2008.

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RERI is the organization founded with the aim to achieve objectives related to promotion and improvement of rights to healthy and preserved environment, sustainable management of natural and renewable energy resources.
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