In order to be more effective in our joint fight against corruption, we have created an online platform for reporting cases of abuse of public authority and non-compliance with regulations that result in environmental degradation and harm to public interest. Through this platform, we aim to build a network of individuals and organizations capable of identifying corruption in their local communities and taking appropriate action.

The platform is dedicated to addressing issues related to the endangerment of the environment and public goods caused by corruption and irregularities in the approval processes for projects and activities that may have a negative impact on the environment and people’s health, as well as encroachment upon or harm to public goods (natural resources, protected natural or cultural heritage, green spaces, public areas).

Citizens can use the platform to report cases and also to obtain information about ways to communicate with relevant authorities, procedures for accessing public information, and participating in decision-making processes.

Only an informed community has the power to change a system plagued by corruption. Therefore, we invite you to share any relevant information if you identify violations of environmental regulations, so that together we can find a solution.

Developed with the support of the Open Society Foundation within the project “Enhancing Supervisory Mechanisms and Protecting the Right to a Healthy and Preserved Environment in the Republic of Serbia.”

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RERI is the organization founded with the aim to achieve objectives related to promotion and improvement of rights to healthy and preserved environment, sustainable management of natural and renewable energy resources.
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