Lawsuits and new requests to the competent authorities in order to call into question the project of Kalemegdan-Ušće cable car construction and to suspend it were filed today, as it has been reported by professional initiatives and cultural heritage and environment protection associations.  

In view of the issuing of the construction permit and authorizing the commencement of the cable car construction works, the Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute has filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court today, calling for an annulment of the construction permit. It also requested that the Ministry of Environmental Protection conducts an immediate inspection, regarding the violation of environmental regulations and the issuing of construction works authorization without the necessary environmental impact assessment study approval.

Due to the disputable validity of opinions, decisions, conditions and safety measures relating to the cable car construction plan, Europa Nostra – Serbian Department has lodged an appeal to the Ministry of Culture and Information to initiate the procedure of revoking the Detailed Regulation Plan and to issue a temporary order suspending all the works related to the cable car construction.

Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute press release (in Serbian) is available here.

Europa Nostra Serbia press release (in Serbian) is available here.

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