RERI submitted criminal charges towards the investor due to illegal construction of small hydro power plant „Zvonce“, in village Rakita (Rakita river) („SHPP Zvonce“), based on information provided from „Udruženje za zaštitu i očuvanje voda lužničkog kraja“ and „Saveza mesnih zajednica Stare Planine“.

According to provided information, investor continued the construction of SHPP Zvonce, notwithstanding with the decision from Ministry of environmental protection.

Hence, RERI submitted criminal charges as a result of growing concern for the citizens of this geographic area and due to concern for the entire legal system, which can be jeopardized if the public authorities omit to provide equal enforcement of law toward all of its citizens.

Record of Inspection, in Serbian is available here.

RERI press release, in Serbian is available here.

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