The general goal of this project is the transformation of the domestic energy and climate sector in order to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions, energy independence, democratic and decentralized management of energy and climate policy, through increased participation of civil society in the development and monitoring of the implementation of reforms.

Expected results of the project:

  • Provided comprehensive approach in monitoring the implementation of energy and climate policy;
  • Improved participation of civil society organizations, trade unions and energy cooperatives in the development and monitoring of energy and climate policy at the national and local level;
  • Improved communication and cooperation between different actors in the energy transition process;
  • Increased availability of information on the development of domestic energy and climate policy.

Main activities:

  • Creation and implementation of methodology for monitoring energy and climate policy;
  • Development of an institutional feasibility study for the implementation of the Integrated National and Climate Plan;
  • Raising the capacity of local civil society organizations to participate in the development of energy and climate policy and monitoring their implementation at the local level;
  • Providing mentoring and program support to local associations;
  • Organization of round tables with representatives of the professional community, international organizations, domestic associations and representatives of the public sector;
  • Participation in the working group and in the process of adopting the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan;
  • Organization of green talks – thematic discussions related to the just energy transition and its aspects;
  • Production of communication content related to the development of energy and climate policy.

The project is implemented in cooperation with Belgrade Open School (BOŠ), in the period from December 1, 2022 to March 31, 2024, with the support of the British Embassy in Belgrade.

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