Misdemeanors, economic offenses, criminal law; criminal responsibility of corporate entities

On the basis of gathered, relevant data concerning violations of the law that lead to negative consequences for nature, the environment, the flora and fauna, as well as human health, RERI submits initiatives to the competent authorities for the initiation of misdemeanor proceedings and reports for economic offenses against responsible natural and corporate entities.

On the other hand, opening the issue of liability of corporate entities for criminal acts represents a significant contribution to legal practice and partial satisfaction in achieving special prevention directed against companies as perpetrators of criminal acts. In achieving this goal, RERI focuses in particular on the creation of court practice in the area of ​liability of corporate entities for criminal offenses that have the environment as the object of protection, such as environmental pollution, environmental damage, and other criminal offenses against the environment prescribed by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia. In accordance with the above, RERI initiates criminal proceedings with the aim of criminally sanctioning the responsible corporate entities, as the harshest legal consequences for violating the law, as well as “warning” every company that commits criminal acts that possible illegalities in their operations will not go without reaction.

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