Strategic litigation represents the basic legal “tool” of RERI, with which long-term systemic change is achieved. Strategic litigation has an impact on the judiciary, court practice, and ​public policies and strengthens public confidence in the rule of law. RERI views strategic litigation as part of a broader campaign for social change, rather than a series of individual court proceedings.

RERI uses strategic litigation as an innovative legal tool for transparent and responsible actions of public authorities and the realization of the right of individuals and associations to good governance. In this way, RERI not only encourages the application of legal protection instruments, but also creates a positive judicial practice with regard to the realization of the right to legal protection.

RERI initiates legal proceedings against responsible persons whose illegal operations cause negative consequences for the environment, as well as for human health, with the aim of filing lawsuits for compensation of damages, the elimination of the risk of damage, which occurs as a result of non-compliance with positive legal regulations in the Republic of Serbia, and especially as a consequence of violating environmental regulations.


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