The environmental impact assessment ensures that significant negative impacts on the environment are determined before projects are approved, with the implementation of public consultations, and that they are prevented, eliminated or reduced. This instrument is one of the most important instruments for making decisions and realizing the principles of good management, not only from the aspect of environmental protection but also in terms of ensuring the quality of life of current and future generations, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

With the aim of improving regulations and procedures, RERI monitors and participates in impact assessment procedures, pointing out procedural and material irregularities, with a particular focus on procedures that lead to violations of the public’s right to participate in impact assessment procedures. In addition, RERI participates in the procedures for drafting regulations and documents governing the environmental impact assessment procedure and organizes programs for building the administrative capacities of the state administration.

RERI is committed to improving the legal framework and promoting effective public participation in decision-making that may have an impact on the environment through participation in impact assessment procedures and consultative dialogue between state authorities, civil society, the professional community and citizens.

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