Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute (RERI) condemn verbal assaults directed to judge of Appeal Court of Justice – Miodrag Majic, created by representatives of legislative and executive authorities. This type of behaviour is unacceptable for public servants in the society which pledge to be considered as democratic and pluralistic, at least in a declarative manner.

During his public appearances, especially those pertaining to latest amendments of Serbian Criminal Act, Judge Majic managed to set ethical, professional and communicational standards, unfortunately, elusive for representatives of public authorities which have insulted him in unacceptable manner.

Assaults focused to judge Majic are not exception; rather, they became rule in acting of public officials in almost each situation when they do not agree with public criticism. Critical and expert opinion of judge Majic is based on knowledge and arguments and was elaborated transparently, in public debate and with deepest respect for his interlocutor. Questions raised by judge Majic deserve reasoned responds, instead of personal accusations and insults directed to damage reputation of judge Majic; instead, insulting reputation of the National Assembly itself.

Public discussion conducted in accordance with the applicable laws, instead of insults pronounced in State Assembly, would be considered as proper and reasonable response, suitable for the Government and members of the National Assembly.

RERI especially condemns laic comments of court verdicts from the pairlament member Risticevic Marjan, in a manner which intends to throw a shadow on objecticity and impartiality of court decisions, without any argumants and facts, which is not only unacceptable, but also may jeopardize court independance and security of the acting judge.

By his publicly expresed opinion on a sugested amendments of respective law, judge Majic took the stand and protected profesional integrity of entire legal profession and at the same time – freedom of speach. This is the reason why all personal assultes addressed to him in this previous period, at the same time represent assults to rights granted to all citizens of our country, under the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

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