Environmental democracy in Serbia is under constant challenge. This becomes particularly obvious when it comes to environmental impact assessment (EIA) and strategic environmental impact assessment (SEA). This advocacy initiative aims to reduce problems at the institutional level, through proposals for improving EIA and SEA regulations and procedures. The project aims to strengthen the democratic society, emphasize participatory culture and improve the practice of advocacy. In addition, the project contributes to public participation in environmental matters and understanding the role of civil society among citizens. Throughout the project, RERI will engage a wide range of actors, public institutions on national and local level, civil society, experts, international institutions, citizens and media which will enable a more constructive and effective approach in solving environmental problems.

Through this project we aim to: 

  • improve the legal framework and procedures for conducting environmental impact assessment procedures;
  • increase the effectiveness of public participation in solving the problem of environmental pollution and endangering natural resources;
  • strengthen the dialogue between local self-government, associations, the expert community and citizens on issues of importance for environmental protection at the local level.


  1. Drafting of bylaws and recommendations for improving the process of environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment;
  2. Capacity building for the staff of local self-government units and citizens’ associations for adequate participation in the process of environmental impact assessment;
  3. Organization of public consultations and  establishment of a multi-sectoral dialogue on improving the legal framework and procedures for environmental impact assessment.

Target groups:

Ministry of Environmental Protection, officials employed in local self-government units in environmental protection, urban planning and construction and inspection, associations and local initiatives for environmental protection, urbanism and spatial planning and protection of cultural heritage, legal experts, Green Councils, international organizations that are actively involved in environmental impact assessment and protection of cultural heritage.

The project is being implemented from the 15th of April until the 31st of October 2021 within the advocacy capacity building programme for civil society organisations: ‘’Active citizens for a better society – advocacy for collaboration and democratic development” supported by USAID and Belgrade Open School. 

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