Inspection surveillance authorities are especially important for the implementation and enforcement of the environmental, urban planning and construction laws and regulations. Proper inspection performance prevents corruption by identifying misuse of entrusted power or breaching of laws by investors and project developers. 

The project aims to strengthen the rule of law and improve the legal standings of civil society organisations in front of the courts so that they can tackle corruption risks in construction, urban and spatial planning, and environmental protection. This project is the continuation of RERI’s efforts to improve transparency and accountability in environment, urban planning and constructions in Serbia by combating corruption and exposing misuse of public authorities and breaching of legal requirements to social and legal responsibility. 

Activities : 

  • initiating cases with inspectors as court witnesses 
  • consultations with civil society organisations, inspection authorities, judicial institutions and independent bodies
  • media campaign;

Target groups:

prosecutors, judges and their assistants; professional associations of judges and prosecutors; protector of the Citizens; responsible environmental and construction inspections on national and local level; representatives of civil society, local informal activist groups and individuals; media professionals.

The project is implemented from the 1st of January – 31st of December 2022 with the support of the Olof Palme Center. 

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