The project is dedicated to resolving the problem of endangering the environment and public goods resulting from abuse of public authority and irregularities in the procedures for issuing approvals for projects and activities that may have a negative impact on the environment and human health, occupation or endangerment of public goods (natural resources, protected natural or cultural heritage, green areas, public spaces and public facilities).

Problem description

In the past year and a half, RERI, through cooperation with local associations and activists, has identified numerous private and public projects whose implementation is related to violations of regulations and indicates a high degree of suspicion of corruption, irresponsible and non-transparent behavior of public authorities.

Project objectives

With this project, RERI seeks to enable local activists to gather information themselves, to be able to spot problems at an early stage and to use legal and administrative instruments that are available to them.

  1. Increase citizens’ trust in activism and the values of democracy and the rule of law through effective engagement of civil society;
  2. Expose corruption and improve the transparency and accountability of public authorities in the field of environmental protection and public goods;
  3. Train activists and associations in local communities to actively and effectively exercise the right to free access to information, the instrument of extraordinary inspection surveillance and the right to participate in the decision-making process.

Target groups

Activists, members of local initiatives and associations fighting against corruption and environmental protection, officials employed in local self-government bodies in the field of environmental protection, urban planning and construction and inspection supervision.


  1. Development of a training methodology and an online platform for reporting corruption and abuse of public authority;
  2. Realization of training for activists from local communities;
  3. Promotion of project results – production and dissemination of brochures in printed and online format.

The project is being implemented from 1 October 2020 to 31 March 2021 within the initiative “Citizens Have Power” supported by USAID and CRTA.

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