Through this project, RERI seeks to improve transparency and participation in the creation and implementation of air protection policy in the city of Belgrade, as well as to increase the responsibility of public authorities and political actors by developing a new air quality plan for Belgrade, open to citizens, civil society and the professional public. Air pollution is one of Belgrade’s biggest problems, which is why it is important that the development of a new air quality plan is fully owned by the citizens of Belgrade.

Problem description

Air protection policy is burdened by the lack of transparency and unsuccessful public policy solutions. For years, the air quality in Belgrade has been assessed as category III – over-polluted air. The citizens of Belgrade have become aware of the problem of air pollution in the last few years. However, citizens, as well as experts, are focused on the consequences and they have expressed their interest mostly through dissatisfaction with inaction, without a specific call for responsibility and awareness of the community that politicians and public officials are responsible for implementing public policies and outcomes. Citizens react to pollution occasionally, in the winter months when the problem is visible to the naked eye.

Project objectives

With this project, Reri strives to properly and timely inform citizens about their rights in the decision-making procedures of the competent institutions, and to encourage their involvement in the process of drafting documents and regulations in the field of environmental protection through:

  1. Increasing information, interest and participation of citizens in creating environmental protection policy and solving the problem of air pollution;
  2. Improving transparency in the creation and implementation of air protection policy in the city of Belgrade
  3. Increasing the accountability of public authorities and political actors

Target groups

Citizens of Belgrade, political actors – decision makers in Belgrade and authorities in charge of implementing regulations in the field of environmental protection, media, civil society organizations and activists – as active citizens, professional public.


  1. Campaign “Your air – your right”;
  2. Video series “Zagadi pa vladaj”

The project is being implemented from July 2020 to December 2020 within the „Programme of developmental communication support to civil society organizations” which is led by CRTA with support from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

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